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Decibel Pilot - In Control (Episode 44)

February 1st, 2021

Hello and welcome aboard Episode 44 of In Control. This month is a really banging episode to keep you warm over the winter.



1. Clay C - Missing You (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
2. Exouler - Desertion (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
3. Plummet - Damaged (Arbe & Dann Rework) [CD-R]
4. Danny Eaton - Cosmic Energy (Original Mix)
5. Talla 2XLC - The World In My Eyes (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]
6. Ralphie B - Massive (NuroGL Remix) [CD-R]
7. Paul Denton - Existence (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
8. Db Mokk - This Way (Extended Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
9. Rank 1 - Airwave (Steve Allen Rework) [CD-R]
10. Suncatcher & Exolight - Water Colour Memories (Last Soldier Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
11. Hemstock & Jennings with Jan Johnston - Forever (Mercurial Virus Extended Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
12. Kenny Palmer - Sun's Reach (Extended Mix) [Monster Pure]
13. Robbie Seed & Digital Vision & That Girl - I Choose You (Original Mix) [inHarmony Music]
14. Sarah Russell & Philippe El Sisi - You Are (Steve Dekay Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
15. Factor B - The Unforgiven (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance]
16. Armin Van Buuren & DJ Tiësto Present Alibi - Eternity (Kaimo K Rework) [CD-R]
17. Kayan Code - Dark Reflection (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]
18. Rank 1 - The Awakening (Kinetica Remix) [CD-R]
19. Spy - Redemption (Extended Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
20. NyTiGen & Ruslan Borisov - Sky (Extended Mix) [Synchronized Muzik]
21. Starpicker - Nos Nexum (Extended Mix) [Subculture]
22. Tom Exo - Ghostwalker (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
23. 4 Strings & Trance Classics & Ellie Lawson - Safe From Harm (Omar Sherif Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
24. BT, Matt Fax & Nation Of One - Walk Into The Water (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

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