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Decibel Pilot -In Control (Episode 39)

September 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 39 of In Control with me Decibel Pilot. August was an amazing month for new music. Enjoy!


1. R-TEC - Lotus (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
2. Carl Daylim feat. T'eira - Hand In Hand (Extended Mix) [Ablazing Records]
3. Jameson Tullar & Annabelle Hayes - Dreaming (7Roses Remix) [Yeiskomp Records]
4. Ruben de Ronde feat. EKE - Wanderlust (Eugenio Tokarev Extended Remix) [Statement!]
5. Gareth Emery - Gunshots (Yelow Remix) [CDR]
6. Standerwick feat. Linney - What About Us (Extended Mix) [Armind]
7. Metta & Glyde - Renaissance (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
8. The Conductor & The Cowboy feat. Aero Vaquera - Set Me Free (Binary Ensemble Extended Remix) [Premier League Recordings]
9. Shedona - White Forest (Extended Mix) [Phoenix Recordings]
10. Woody Van Eyden - Semangat Hutan (Extended Mix) [HeavensGate]
11. Tensteps feat. Linney - One With Me (Joel Hirsch Extended Remix) [inHarmony Music]
12. Jimmy Chou - Star Crossed (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
13. Tycoos - Shapes (Extended Mix) [Suanda Music]
14. Jimmy Chou - Wayfarer (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Records]
15. Indecent Noise x Noire Lee - Sunglasses At Night (Extended Original Vision) [Black Hole Recordings]
16. Sean Tyas - Lift (Spy Rework) [CDR]
17. Nicholas Gunn feat. Alina Renae - Fallen (Richard Durand Extended Remix) [A State of Trance]
18. Pierre Pienaar pres. Melodia - Bliss (Extended Uplifting Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]
19. Vinny DeGeorge - Aquila (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
20. BiXX & Roxanne Emery - Unbroken (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
21. Sequence Six - Her (Extended Mix) [Grotesque Music]
22. Zedo & Roxanne Emery - The Second Time Around (Steve Allen Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
23. Aimoon - Faster Than Light (TrancEye Extended Remix) [Full On 140 Records]
24. Andreas Tillnert & Emma Horan - Perfect Strangers (Extended Mix) [Molekular Sounds]
25. Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl - Stars Collide (RYDEX Remix) [CDR]

Decibel Pilot - In Control (Episode 38)

August 1st, 2020

Hello and welcome aboard Episode 38 of In Control with me Decibel Pilot. I hope you having a nice summer and staying safe.




1. MaRLo & HALIENE - Whisper (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Reaching Altitude]
2. Ian Source & Ann-Thalia - Feel The Same (Sunset Extended Remix) [Monster Neos]
3. Sunset & Alpha Force feat Robin Vane - With You (Eugenio Tokarev Extended Remix) [A State Of Trance]
4. Jase Thirlwall feat. Victoriya - Drowning (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance]
5. Amos & Riot Night & Robbie Graham - Finish Line (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
6. Dan Stone - Vice Versa (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
7. Rene Ablaze & Christopher Corrigan - Back To Reality (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
8. Dave Steward - Fully Fitted (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) [Nu:Chain Music]
9. Steve Dekay - Atom (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
10. F.G. Noise - Yorktown (Extended Mix) [Full On 140 Records]
11. Kaimo K, Trance Classics & Susane Teutenberg - Take Me Away (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
12. Nicholson - Sunrise (Extended Mix) [Flashover Trance]
13. Allen Watts & Steve Dekay - The Phuture (Extended Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
14. Craig Connelly feat. Cammie Robinson - Run Away (Extended Club Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
15. Miroslav Vrlik & Martin Jurenka - Always The Sun (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]
16. Moonsouls - Omega (Extended Mix) [Monster Neos]
17. UDM - Impulse (Extended Mix) [Full On 140 Records]
18. Metta & Glyde - Domino Effect (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
19. Dan Schneider - Arclight (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]
20. Trance Arts, Kirsty Hawkshaw & Jan Johnston - Smoke (F.G. Noise Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
21. ReOrder feat. Bo Bruce - We Are The World (Extended Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
22. Asteroid - Infrared (Original Mix) [Metamorph Advance]
23. Corin Bayley & Sequence Six - Wish Under Moonlight (Original Mix) [Mass]
24. Fredd Moz & Laucco - Live & Love & Laugh (Extended Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
25. Cold Blue - Recovery (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Subculture]

Decibel Pilot - In Control (Episode 37)

July 1st, 2020

Hello and welcome aboard episode 37 of In Control with Decibel Pilot. I'm excited to share my new remix with you on this episode. Enjoy!



1. Somna & HALIENE- Secret (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Magik Muzik]
2. Ben Ashley & Ariette Florence - Lost In Time (Original Mix) [Extrema Global Music]
3. Christopher Corrigan - Indifference (Original Mix) [Levitated Music]
4. Last Soldier & Amir Reza - Either Now Or Never (Extended Mix) [Last State Records]
5. Sky Sound - The Kingdom Of Dreams (Extended Epic Mix) [D.Max Recordings]
6. Drival - Come Back (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
7. Sean Mathews - Starting A Fire (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
8. Kaimo K, Cold Rush & Sarah Russell - Angel Fly (Kaimo K 2020 Extended Rework) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
9. Joint Operations Centre - Fugitive (Decibel Pilot Remix) [CDR]
10. Trance Classics & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Home (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
11. Cold Blue - Luminous (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
12. Maratone & Roxanne Emery - Learn To Fly (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix) [Abora Recordings]
13. Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia - Fly Away (Extended Mix) [Suanda Voice]
14. Tom Exo - Nightshades (Extended Mix) [Suanda True]
15. Michael L. - Celestial Code (Original Mix) [Antares Sound Records]
16. C-Systems & Hanna Finsen - Dancing Skies (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
17. NuroGL - Prophecy (Extended Mix) [Intense Emotions]
18. Amos & Riot Night - Serious Business (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
19. R3dub - Wattson (Original Mix) [Abora Recordings]
20. Manuel Le Saux & DJ T.H. with Linnea Schossow - Butterflies (Extended Mix) [GO MUSIC]
21. Raz Nitzan & Maria Nayler - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Darren Porter Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
22. Matt Bukovski & XiJaro & Pitch - CD (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Records]
23. The Conductor & The Cowboy feat. Aero Vaquera - Sail Away (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix) [Premier League Recordings]
24. Steve Dekay - Singularity (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
25. Ben Gold - Starstruck (Original Mix) [Armada Music]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 36)

June 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 36 of the In Control Podcast with Decibel Pilot. There are so many good tracks this month that I've done another 2 hour extended episode. Enjoy!



1. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Solar Movement Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
2. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Armada Music]
3. Fabrice - Italia (Extended Mix) [Last State Records]
4. South Of The Stars - Teras (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
5. Decibel Pilot - Cloud Hopping (Spy Remix) [Full On 140 Records]
6. Jorn van Deynhoven & Clara Yates - Afterlight (Extended Club Mix) [Armada Captivating]
7. Plastic Boy - Live Another Life (Asteroid 2020 Rework) [CDR]
8. Cern - The Message (Sky Sound Rework) [CDR]
9. Nikolauss - Join Me (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
10. Wright & Davids feat. Sophia - My Way (Original Mix) [Terminal 01 Recordings]
11. Yelow - It's Never Too Late (Extended Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]
12. Nicholson & Pierre Pienaar - Afterglow (Extended Mix) [VANDIT Records]
13. Steve Dekay - Sublime (Extended Mix) [[Uplift Recordings]
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Lucid Blue - I Believe (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
15. Craig Connelly & Siskin - All for Love (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
16. Somna & Blü Eyes - More (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix) [AVA Recordings]
17. Khalai - Perception (Extended Mix) [Interplay Records]
18. Maria Healy - Clouds (Original Mix) [Subculture]
19. Leroy Moreno - Zuriel (Original Mix) [Aetheria Sound System]
20. Jordan Suckley - Another Dimension (Extended) [VANDIT Records]
21. Christina Novelli - It'll End In Tears (Sean Tyas Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
22. Trance Classics & Yentl - What You Don't Know (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
23. Rene Ablaze - Ultimate (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
24. Delerium - Silence (Ruddaz Remix) [CDR]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 35)

May 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 35 of the In Control Podcast with Decibel Pilot. It's a bit of a special episode this month as I get to share my latest remix with you. I hope you like it!

1. Alex Byrka & Van Yorge - Caribbean Breeze (Extended Mix) [Flashover Trance]
2. Titus1 vs Travis Lydian & Andy Villa feat. JD Davis - Second Hand Love (Decibel Pilot Remix) [Kult + Kraft]
3. Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl - Stars Collide (Extended Mix) [Armind]
4. Jes - We Belong To The Night (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Magik Muzik]
5. Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
6. Gareth Emery feat. Annabel - You'll Be OK (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Create Music Group]
7. Michael L - Inner Solar (Extended) [VANDIT]
8. Mart Sine & Deidre McLaughlin - In Our Hearts (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
9. Bryan Kearney - From The Inside (Original Mix) [FSOE]
10. Miroslav Vrlik - Dark Matter (Original Mix) [Full On 140 Records]
11. Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha - Castles In The Sky (Khalai Bootleg) [CDR]
12. Trance Classics & Maria Nayler - Silent Witness (Where We Belong) (RYDEX Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 34)

April 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 34 of the In Control Podcast with Decibel Pilot. I hope everybody is staying safe. My thanks go out to those that cannot isolate and must work during these unprecedented times. I hope some uplifting trance cheers you up!


1. Ashley Wallbridge feat. Evan Henzi - Still Alive (Extended Mix) [Garuda]
2. Jorn Van Deynhoven & Christina Novelli - Waiting On The Other Side (Extended Mix) [Armada Captivating]
3. Solis & Sean Truby feat. Irina Makosh - Forever (Solis & Sean Truby Extended Remix) [Infrasonic Gold]
4. Tiësto & Jes - Everything (STANDERWICK Extended Remix) [Magik Muzik]
5. Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam feat. Mona Moua - Stay (Extended Mix) [inHarmony Music]
6. Steve Allen & Patrick Dreama - The Remedy (Alan Morris Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
7. Jimmy Chou - Vagabond (Original Mix) [Antares Sound Records]
8. Brent Rix - Cycles (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]
9. Somna & Cari - The First Year (Uplifting Extended Mix) [AVA Recordings]
10. Poddy Crane - Solar Eclipse (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Records]
11. Ashley Smith - Stay Right There (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
12. Maria Healy - Dreamer (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
13. SMR LVE & Christina Novelli - Sanctuary (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix) [Always Alive Recordings]
14. Alexander Popov & Chris Jones - Another Life (Allen Watts Extended Remix) [Armada Captivating]
15. Ben Gold x Ruben de Ronde - Era Festivus (Luminn & Gather Extended Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
16. DRYM, Adip Kiyoi & Christina Novelli - Colours (Uplifting Mix) [Reaching Altitude]
17. Armin van Buuren feat. HALIENE - Song I Sing (Ben Gold Extended Remix) [Armada Music Bundles]
18. Above & Beyond Pres Traquility Base - Razorfish (Steve Allen & Cris Grey Rework) [ANJUNABEATS]
19. Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia - It's Your Life (Paul Boyle Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
20. Roman Messer & Twin View with Christian Burns - Dancing In The Dark (Alex MORPH Extended Remix) [Suanda Music]
21. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Dynamite (XiJaro & Pitch x Mind In Mayhem Remix) [CDR]
22. Casey Rasch & Jennifer Rene - Open Road (Extended Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
23. Tom Exo - String Theory (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
24. Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Jay Flynn Remix) [CDR]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 33)

February 27th, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 33 of the In Control Podcast with me, Decibel Pilot. I have another special 2 hour set for you this month as there are just way too many good tunes. Enjoy!



1. N-Trance - Set You Free (Jase Thirlwall Remix) [All Around The World]
2. K90 - Red Snapper (Allen Watts Extended Remix) [Armada Music Bundles]
3. Sean Mathews - Cerulean (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
4. DAvIDI - Just Feel (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]
5. STEEM SL - Infinity (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]
6. FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery - Dancing In The Rain (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
7. Kaimo K, Mariske Hekkenberg & Trance Classics - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
8. Dan Stone - Steall Falls (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
9. Dustin Husain, Rinaly & Angel Falls - Stella (Bright Star) (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
10. Phillip J feat. Kim Casandra - Release Me (Brent Rix Remix) [Alter Ego Records]
11. Para X - Light Speed (Extended Mix) [Grotesque Music]
12. C-Systems & Hanna Finsen - In Front Of Me (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
13. Key4050 & Plumb - I Love You (Extended Mix) [Armind]
14. Steve Dekay - Cosmic (Extended Mix) [VANDIT]
15. Leroy Moreno - Omnipresent (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
16. DJ Tiesto - Suburban Train (Spy Rework) [CDR]
17. F.G. Noise - Flat Out (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
18. Lost Witness and Kate Louise Smith - This Dream (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
19. Kiyoi & Eky - Let It Be Mine (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]
20. Jimmy Chou - Nightfall (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
21. Cris Grey - Trancequility (Extended Mix) [Flashover Trance]
22. W!SS - Steel (Manuel Rocca Remix) [Sub.Mission Recordings]
23. Trance Classics & Susie Ledge - Remember Me (Katrin's World Extended Remix) [Amsterdam Trance Classics]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 32)

February 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 32 of the In Control Podcast with Decibel Pilot. It's a 2 hour extended mix this month to kick off the first show of 2020.



1. HØLY WATERS - Little White Lies (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix) [Magik Muzik]
2. Rafael Osmo - Reflection (Extended) [VANDIT]
3. Saltwater - The Legacy (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Armada Captivating]
4. XiJaro & Pitch - Sfeer (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
5. Solid Globe & Trance Classics - North Pole (Steve Allen Extended Remix) [Uplift Recordings]
6. Allen Watts - GDL (Extended Mix) [Armada Captivating]
7. Steve Dekay - Labyrinth (Extended Mix) [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138?!]
8. Mart Sine Feat. Susie Ledge - Flying (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
9. Southside Spinners - Luvstruck (Rene Ablaze Rework) [CDR]
10. Spy - Execute (Extended Mix) [Full On 140 Records]
11. Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Mickey Marr Rework) [CDR]
12. Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way (XiJaro & Pitch Remix) [CDR]
13. Ferry Tayle & Elucidus - Fremont (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
14. Katrin´s World - Somewhere (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]
15. Ascension - Someone (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Armind]
16. Dan Stone - Novo (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance]
17. A-ha - Take On Me (Robert Nickson Remix) [CDR]
18. Tom Exo - Rainbowland (Extended Mix) [Flashover Trance]
19. Bryan Kearney - Adrenaline (James Dymond Extended Remix) [Subculture]
20. Cris Grey - Trancexistence (Extended Mix) [Flashover Trance]
21. Christina Novelli - Beautiful Life (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
22. Kiyoi & Eky & Cederquist - Long Way Home (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
23. Billy Gillies & Nadia Ali - Rapture Disturbance (Lucas Deyong Mashup) [CDR]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 31 - Year Mix 2019)

December 31st, 2019

Here it is, my favorite episode of the year. Welcome aboard Episode 31 of the In Control Podcast. In this episode I count down my top 50 tracks of 2019 and let me tell it wasn't easy. There was so much good music out there this year. I like to thank everyone for their support this past year and will you all the best in 2020!

50. Craig Connelly - Solstice (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

49. Jorza & VIKA - Forever (If I Can) (Evan Pearce Extended Remix) [Reaching Altitude]

48. Yang & Diana Leah - Fuel The Fire (Rinaly Extended Remix) [AVA White]

47. Perrelli & Mankoff vs Type 41 - Eclipse (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]

46. Manuel Rocca - Paper Mountains (Original Mix) [Levitated Music]

45. Alex Byrka - Universe Of Love (Extended Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]

44. Arti5an feat. Anki - Come What May (Dustin Husain Extended Remix) [Infrasonic Pure]

43. Steve Allen feat. Jess Morgan - Re-Given (Alan Wyse Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

42. Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif with Cari - Shine Through (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

41. C-Systems - Never Alone (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]

40. Roman Messer feat. Roxanne Emery - Lullaby (Allen Watts Extended Remix) [Suanda Music]

39. Atlantis - Fiji (ReOrder Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

38. Ashley Smith - Another Day (Original Mix) [Subculture]

37. Orkidea - Forward Forever (Indecent Noise Remix) [Pure Trance NEON]

36. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Sarah Lynn - Silhouette (Steve Allen 2019 Respray Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

35. Joel Hirsch & HALIENE - Run To You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [A State of Trance]

34. Factor B feat. Cat Martin - Crashing Over (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

33. John O'Callaghan - Choice Of The Angels (Sean Tyas Remix) [Subculture]

32. Metta & Glyde - Lacuna (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]

31. Somna & Jennifer Rene - Awakening (Solis & Sean Truby Extended Remix) [AVA White]

30. Drival & Christina Novelli - Save My Life (Extended Mix) [AVA White]

29. Giuseppe Ottaviani - 8K (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

28. Madwave meets Xijaro & Pitch - Up In The Air (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]

27. Bryan Kearney - Mexican Rave (Danny Eaton Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]

26. Markus Schulz - Heaven (Lostly Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

25. Allen Watts & Christina Novelli - My Gravity (Extended Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

24. Patrick Dreama - Carousel (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]

23. Ronski Speed & Alan Morris - Nighttime (Steve Allen Remix) [Maracaido Records]

22. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Factor B - Synergy (Extended Mix) [GO MUSIC]

21. Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix) [Armada Captivating]

20. Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence - Believe (Extended Mix) [Subculture]

19. Fast Distance & DIM3NSION - Promise You (Maria Healy Extended Remix) [Always Alive Recordings]

18. Aly & Fila with Deirdre McLaughlin - Gravity (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

17. Sean Mathews - As One (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

16. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Moscow River (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

15. Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy - The Way Back Home (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [Always Alive Recordings]

14. Adam Ellis feat. Aylin - Mhysa (Extended Mix) [Ellicit Music]

13. Steve Allen - Out Of Bounds (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]

12. Manuel Rocca - Rainy Nights (Extended Mix) [AVA White]

11. Ferry Tayle & Clara Yates - Find Your Paradise (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]


10. Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays feat. Jordan Shaw - Something Real (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Armind]

09. Decibel Pilot - Cloud Hopping (Club Mix) [Pure Trance NEON]

08. Ben Gold & Sivan - Stay (Sneijder Extended Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

07. Mark Sherry & Christina Novelli - Lighting Fires (Extended Outburst Vocal Mix) [Magik Muzik]

06. Ben Gold - The City Sleeps Tonight (Extended Mix) [Armada Music Bundles]

05. Metta & Glyde - The Chances We Take (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]

04. Levekar & Farid feat. Cassandra Grey - One Day (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]

03. Michael Milov & Claire Willis - Anywhere With You (Tom Exo Extended Remix) [Suanda Voice]

02. MaRLo & Roxanne Emery - A Thousand Seas (Dan Stone Extended Remix) [Reaching Altitude]

01. Craig Connelly feat. Megan McDuffee - Lights Around The World (Extended Mix) [Subculture]

Decibel Pilot - In Control Podcast (Episode 30)

December 20th, 2019

Welcome aboard Episode 30 of the In Control Podcast with Decibel Pilot. I bring this to you early as I'll be releasing my Top 50 countdown on December 31st. Happy Holiday Season!




1. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (WHITENO1SE Extended Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
2. Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna - Lionheart (Dimibo Extended Remix) [Garuda]
3. Steve Allen, XiJaro & Pitch & Sarah Russell - Shadow of Myself (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
4. Asteroid - Koh Phangan (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
5. Allen Watts - Reboot (Extended Mix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
6. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Moscow River (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
7. Craig Connelly - Spires (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
8. Metta & Glyde - Elysian (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
9. Last Soldier - Arta (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
10. Maria Healy - Not Today (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]
11. Ronski Speed & Alan Morris - Nighttime (Steve Allen Remix) [Maracaido Records]
12. Frank Dueffel - Coney Island (Extended) [VANDIT Records]

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