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Decibel Pilot - In Control (Episode 42)

December 1st, 2020

Welcome aboard Episode 42 of In Control with me Decibel Pilot. Lets take a minute this month to focus on our own mental health. The world is a tough place right now and I know that many of you may be struggling. Just remember that it's ok to ask for help or to reach out and talk to someone. For now, enjoy 2 hours of the latest trance to brighten up your day.




1. i_o - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) [Armada Music]
2. Paul Di White - Great Strength (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
3. Jake And Almo feat Linnea Handberg - Patience (NyTiGen And Ruslan Borisov Remix) [Yeiskomp Records]
4. Igor Dorin - Lua (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
5. Litchfield Project - Synchrony (F.G. Noise Remix) [Metamorph Seismic]
6. NuroGL feat. Gianna Juliet - I'll Be Waiting (Original Mix) [Fevah Records]
7. N-sKing - Fantastic Moon (Original Mix) [TAR#138]
8. Frank Waanders - Freefall (Extended Mix) [Monster Neos]
9. Amos & Riot Night - Born From Shadows (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
10. Leroy Moreno - Veritas (Original Mix) [Aetheria Sound System]
11. Sean Mathews - Outlander (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
12. Peter Steele - Karma (Sneijder Extended Remix) [GO MUSIC]
13. LTN & Christina Novelli - I'd Go Back (Rinaly Extended Remix) [AVA White]
14. Vinny DeGeorge - Forza (Extended Mix) [Full On 140 Records]
15. Metta & Glyde - Break The Chain (Original Mix) [Regenerate Records]
16. Craig Connelly feat. Natalie Major - Watch The Way You Move (Sean Tyas Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
17. Yelow & George Jema - Prehistoric (Extended Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]
18. Kenny Palmer - Terokkar (Extended Mix) [Uplift Recordings]
19. Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L - Lyria (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
20. Scot Project - O (Overdrive) (Bryan Kearney Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
21. MaRLo & HALIENE - Say Hello (Darren Porter Remix) [Reaching Altitude]
22. Xijaro & Pitch & Paipy - Evija (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]
23. Markus Schulz & HALIENE - Tidal Wave (Daxson Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

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